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Using Zoom for Business Plus 25 Free Backgrounds eCourse


    BONUS: Includes 25 Backgrounds. There are many ways to use Zoom to elevate your brand and build your business. Many are using Zoom for TV shows and professional interviews. Others are using it to conduct meetings with prospects and peers. In all cases it is important to look professional. As an entrepreneur you are probably working from home. This means you either have a home office or are working from a dining room, living room or somewhere that isn’t exactly giving that fabulous first impression and certainly doesn’t represent your brand and elevate your presence. This is why I created this course. Zoom gives you the ability to add graphics and I have great tips and techniquest to change that so you never have to worry about it again.

    This course shows you how to:

    1. Set up a green screen to add those beautiful graphics behind you (see video below)
    2. Use the correct lighting (inexpensively) so the graphics show up perfectly
    3. Elevate your brand with ideas for using Zoom to close more business
    4. Reach new prospects and close more deals using this technology
    5. Create TV shows so you can reach a global audience
    6. Develop your own branded background using free technologies to include your logos, colors, etc.
    7. BONUS: I am giving you 25 backgrounds you can use today to get started

    Watch this video and get started today!

    Course Curriculum

    Using Zoom for Business
    Green Screen Best Practices
    Perfect Lighting
    Creating TV Shows
    Wrapping it Up
    BONUS: Free Backgrounds
    Introduction Video 00:00:00
    About Jayne Rios 00:00:00
    Zoom and WhatsApp 00:00:00
    Top 5 Reasons 00:00:00
    Using Zoom for Business 00:00:00
    Green Screen 00:00:00
    Equipment 00:00:00
    Light it Up 00:00:00
    Get on TV: Where to Start 00:00:00
    Zoom Summary and Special Offer 00:00:00
    Free Backgrounds Download 00:00:00

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