Video Packages for Digital TV Programs

We make creating your own digital TV Show EASY!

Our Package:

We can typically video tape 6-8 shows per day in our studios.

We know that starting a digital TV show can be a daunting and sometimes expensive task, that’s why we created this affordable turn-key package.  We take the ‘work’ out of it, make it fun, and create an incredible online television show that you can be proud of!

We are experienced videographers, internet marketers and online television programmers (WBTVN.TV) ready to put our knowledge and expertise to work for you!

Step 1:  Meet with our Producers

  • Review show opportunity
  • Look at different types of formats
  • Put a schedule together for the tapings
  • Review clothing, makeup and tips to make your video day successful
  • Create a template for the show to hand off to editors
  • Select Virtual Set template
  • Schedule meeting with production staff, editors and host to finalize details before date of taping

Step 2:  Video Taping

  • Typically we can video tape 6 – 8 shows per day
  • Video taping in the studios (Dallas or Los Angeles)
  • Producer assigned to help during the day
  • Full crew:  camera,lighting, grip
  • Full equipment:  cameras, lighting, sound

Step 3:  Editing Magic Begins

  • KungFuzos editing team meets with Host and Producer to review taping
  • Editing team begins editing shows (first show will be delivered, once host approves we can finish editing the rest)
  • Video tapes delivered to host and uploaded where needed (YouTube,, etc)

Investment $5,000

Our pricing includes: Studio for one day, Assigned Producer, All equipment, All staging, Virtual set, Crew day of taping, Editing up to 6 videos (complete :30 minute television shows) and delivery.


Green Screen Video Taping in Studios

Step 1: Meet with KungFuzos Producers to finalize show, interviews, script and studio
Step 2: Video tape in Studio with Green Screen

The Magic of Editing

Step 3: Our editors go to work and create the show, ready to view on internet TV!

Watch Show and Video Samples from

See a live example of how we took Claire from knowing nothing about producing her own digital TV show to a fully produced professional show!